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Hey! We're Chris (he/him) and Micaela (she/her), husband and wife wedding photographers in Tampa, Florida! We live for deep late-night conversations, cuddles and back scratches, and making each other laugh! We believe in dressing up to go out, but throwing on our PJs the second we get home. Our favorite days are spent jet skiing with family and friends, cooking Masterchef-worthy meals at home, and trying the cutest new ice cream place wherever we travel!

In our decade of combined wedding photography experience, we've grown deeply passionate about giving our couples a fun, personal experience that puts the focus on their marriage. Our dream is that our couples will fall even more in love with each other through their photography experience, and that the photos that fill their wedding album and hang on their walls will remind them to fight for their marriage through every high and low of their life together!

Chris and Micaela

the dream team

canadian girl meets american boy... a photography conference! Because we were both wedding photographers before we met, we could each shoot your entire wedding day on our own. But together? We divide up tasks, switch roles, and get more creative angles in less time—which means you have more time to enjoy the day with each other! Here's how combining our different skills makes us the best team:


book-loving extravert

I'm the #enneagram7, wedding-obsessed, allllll the exclamation marks one!!! Give me tulle skirts and cascading florals to photograph, and I may just do a happy dance! As an English major, I'm the one who writes the emails and blog posts, so you get all the info you need within 24 business hours!

My sweet spot is on-the-go problem solving. Any crazy wedding scenario you can throw at me, I've already adjusted for it with a joyful smile and time to spare!

And if you're nervous about being in front of the camera? I've taken posing courses and photographed hundreds of couples just like you, which means I can tell you what to do with your hands so you look great and feel like a pro!

creative introvert


I'm the calming presence and creative eye, coming up with unique ideas every time I pick up a camera. My introverted #enneagram4 superpower is the ability to understand exactly how people feel (because I feel it too!). If you're feeling nervous or uncomfortable on camera, I'll know instantly, and I'll throw in a joke or a game to lighten the mood.

My brain runs on numbers and systems, so I challenge myself every day to find new ways that we can serve you better and save you time.

And if you're worried about the light or the weather? I studied studio lighting when I first started out as primarily a flash photographer, so I can make you look amazing even in the worst lighting conditions!

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I'm a night owl by nature and a huge sweet tooth (ice cream is good for you, right?). Since I grew up in the Miami heat, I know winter is the best season⁠—you can always layer up if you're cold! Numbers > words because math problems are more likely to have a straight answer. I always watched the food channel growing up, so I love spoiling Micaela by cooking fancy and creative meals—as long as I don't have to do the dishes. I also like taking her on dates to eat tacos or to see the latest Marvel movie in the theatre!

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As a bookworm since age 4, I know the book is always better than the movie! I love starting my mornings off early with a good read in one hand and a chai tea in the other. I'm not one of those Canadians who've evolved against the cold—I'll always prefer the sand over the snow! And though my room tends to be a little messy, I find cleaning to be fun and relaxing when the mood strikes. Give me dishes over cooking any day! I'm a weird extravert, though... My favorite dates are board game nights at home, with lots and lots of popcorn.


Chris spotted Micaela from across the room at our favorite photography conference. After we went home, we became friends on Facebook, and we just couldn't stop talking! Everything in our lives matched up.

For the first few months we went on Skype dates, dressing up and eating the same snacks from thousands of miles away. A few months later, Chris flew in to surprise Micaela while she was shopping at Target, and what was supposed to be a week trip to visit her ended up being a month and a half!

A few months later we got engaged at the park where we had our first in-person date. We got married on November 2, 2018, and we've been falling more in love ever since! 

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