We love everything about weddings, but this is so much more than fancy venues and pretty flowers for us. We know we've done our job when our couples say that they feel even more connected and in love because of their experience with us. Or when they say that their engagement session was so relaxed and easy that it just felt like a fun double date. Or when they say that our work behind the scenes made their wedding day less stressful so they could just enjoy it together!

But that's just the beginning of the experience. When the honeymoon is over, we believe the memories captured in your wedding photos have the power to keep you going through sickness and health!

We hope that as our couples look back at the images of the day they made their vows to one another, they'll be reminded to fight for their marriage through good times and bad, and their love will grow even more!

Wedding Photography

for couples who love holding each other.

Our Couples

love deeply, laugh loudly, and hold tightly

They're more excited about planning a beautiful marriage than the pretty (and of course, fun!) wedding they’re having to celebrate it. 

When they knew, they knew, but they’ve been together for a while and supported each other through good times and bad. They see their future spouse as their best friend, and they live to make each other laugh! Their favorite place to be is wrapped up in each others’ arms, because above all, they love holding each other. 

“Chris and Micaela are some of the best people you can know, and their love for each other and their couples is very clear. Amongst all the busyness of trying to plan a wedding, Chris and Micaela were there not only as amazing photographers, but were willing to be there as friends as well... And honestly, our engagement session was so much fun! My husband and I were able to just spend time with each other being silly and enjoy our engagement.

Come the wedding day they were there right on time to catch every important moment, and their eyes for detail is amazing. I honestly was surprised by all the little details they thought of for perfect shots. Not only that but they took the time to scope out the best location for an intimate first look session. I couldn’t be happier with the pictures they captured and all the emotion and happiness they caught on their lens."

"Chris and Micaela made it so easy going, encouraging and fun. Honestly, these are some of the best photographers you can reach out to to have not only amazing shots but an amazing experience.”

- Adriana & Carlos
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“From moments like your special wedding day to having your first child's newborn photo shoot; Chris and Micaela can do it all! They not only take beautiful photos but they capture a moment that lasts forever. If a photo is worth 1,000 words, they are the ones to give you that memory forever by capturing the perfect photo! I can’t begin to thank Chris and Micaela enough for the breathtaking photos I can share for a lifetime with my child and future grandchildren! Not only do you get the most incredible captivating pictures, but you share an experience of a lifetime... You bond with them, and they make sure your wedding day is beyond what you ever could dream of! If I could give them 100 stars I would! I recommend them to anyone who not only wants a photo to capture precious moments forever but also a memory to share with wonderful people!"

"Thank you both again for giving my family a true photography experience!!”

- Elizabeth & Jonathan
Tampa, Florida

“ After one conversation with Chris and Micaela over video, we knew before the photos were even taken that they would be the photographers for our big day. They were professional, polite, down to earth, and answered every question and every concern we had. They are so personable that they didn't feel like strangers in the least during our first encounter with them ever. During our engagement shoot they upheld the same amount of professionalism and they showed us that they truly knew what they were doing. They took the stress out of the shoot and made it light and fun while capturing some AMAZING photos. 
Chris and Micaela have been the absolute best, both as photographers and people, since they've come into our lives."

"We've literally recommended them to a stranger on the street, haha)! Their skills are WELL worth the price!"

- Amy & Keyan
Naples, Florida

in their words:


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Our editing style is natural, crisp, and bright! Our top priority is making your skin tones look great, which is why we love to use clean, even light that hides imperfections! We believe your photos should look just like the moment they captured, which means we don't heavily photoshop them.


We'll take your photos the way you'd take your photos: natural and real (no stiff magazine poses here!), but using your best angles ;) We’ll tell you exactly what to do with your hands, and we’ll also ask you questions to bring out real emotion and connection along the way!


From the invitations to the cake, we know you’ve chosen every detail carefully so your wedding truly feels like you! We're people-centered photographers, but we'll set aside specific times to capture styled photos of the little things so you never forget them!


We could shoot in that glowy natural light all day... But it's not always day! We're both trained to use flash in a natural-looking way, and Chris in particular started out doing primarily flash photography, so expect great light from getting ready to your sparkler exit!


Your wedding images will be delivered in an online gallery for you to download... But we believe your photos shouldn't live in a folder somewhere on your hard drive. We offer heirloom albums and wall art to fill your home, so you'll never let a day go by without reliving your happiest moments together!


$3300 - $5800

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